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Helen Tumelty


08 May 1999
Bassoon Concerto in B flat major, K. 191

Helen Tumelty is a talented musician who grew up in Stevenage and was a member of both the Stevenage Youth Orchestra and the Hertfordshire County Youth Orchestra. On leaving school Helen went to Goldsmith College, London, where she graduated in music in 1995. Since then she has been teaching bassoon, flute and piano for Hertfordshire County Council, playing the Irish flute – which is her great passion – and performing freelance with various orchestras. She is also the bassoon specialist at the John Myatt (Woodwind and Brass) shop in Nightingale Road, Hitchin. Helen now lives in North London and, as she says, has an empty carriage on the train or an empty road when travelling by car as she goes to and from Hitchin as the majority of other people are going in the opposite direction! (May 1999)

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