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Hitchin Symphony Orchestra

Hitchin Symphony Orchestra's motto, 'Promoting Live Music', sums up our passion and goal as an orchestra. Bringing a high standard of symphonic concerts to Hitchin audiences, we enjoy a well-earned reputation for imaginative programming. We are especially pleased to offer a concert platform for local musicians – both orchestral players and soloists.



Hitchin Symphony Orchestra's Children's Concert, on Sunday 30 June at 3 pm, has SOLD OUT! We will be performing orchestral classics in a relaxed environment, with some speaking between the pieces. Thank you everyone who has bought their tickets, we look forward to seeing you at The British Schools Museum.

On 11 May 2024, Hitchin Symphony Orchestra presented two of Rachmaninov's masterpieces: Isle of the Dead and Symphony No. 2 in E minor. Isle of the Dead is a symphonic poem that evokes the journey of a soul to the afterlife, based on a painting by Arnold Böcklin. Symphony No. 2 is a lush and romantic work, full of lyrical themes and dramatic contrasts. Both pieces showcase Rachmaninov's skill as an orchestrator and his expressive use of the musical language.

To find out more, please visit our Concerts page.

Seeking Musicians

We are always keen to hear from instrumentalists looking to join an exciting and friendly orchestra in North Hertfordshire. At present we would particularly like to hear from cellists and double bass players looking to play with an orchestra.


For more information see the Join Us page.

Patrons of HSO

Our Patrons help support the continued development of the orchestra and this allows our audiences to enjoy new and exciting programmes and soloists. We are very grateful to the members of our Patrons scheme.


If you would like to join the scheme and get discounted concert tickets, please see the Support Us page.

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